Praying for wisdom

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My husband and I are reading the books of Chronicles together. Yes, the book everyone skips over because it is filled with names that most people think have nothing to do with anything. But have you ever read the first … Continued

Is your Joy complete?

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I must admit, there has been certain days in my motherhood that I’ve asked the Lord: “Where is the JOY I used to have?” The joy of the Lord was my strength in my teen and college years. Was it … Continued

To be called MaMa (part 2)

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My very first post written was titled “To be called MaMa!” If you haven’t had the chance to read it I have re-posted it as “To be called MaMa (Part 1)” Today’s post will be Part 2 of the story. … Continued

Kids Devotionals

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I compiled a list of my favorite 10 devotionals/storybooks I have bought over the years for my nieces and nephews, Sunday School kids, and my own boys! These books are easy to read, quick, and practical. I always recommend reading … Continued

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