How do Easter Eggs and the Resurrection Story connect? Product Review

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Last year my son came home from his preschool Spring celebration with a bunch of plastic Easter eggs. I threw them out since I did not know what to do with them. I never went on an Easter egg hunt when I was younger, so I did not know what was possibly so fun about it. I also never understood how Easter eggs and the Resurrection story were even connected. But after some research I found out that the eggs are a symbol for Spring, representing new life. But there definitely is no a correlation of our Saviors death and resurrection, with Easter bunnies, and eggs. (Bunnies don’t even lay eggs!)

Anyway! This year, I was sent the following two Easter Activity sets to review from DaySpring. I’m amazed at how creative these kits are.
The first activity set is called Resurrection eggs. (Still don’t understand how they are connected) but, let’s go with it. It includes:

1 standard egg carton
12 plastic eggs
12 symbols (1 inside each egg)
1 bilingual storybook (English and Spanish), full color, saddle-stitched paperback
1 set of stickers

WOW! This is an excellent way to prepare your child’s heart for Easter. It’s a great tool to teach your kids at home, or at a Sunday school program.

The plastic symbols include: a little donkey, silver coins, a cup, praying hands, a whip, a rooster, crown of thorns, nails in the cross, a spear, linen cloth, a stone, and one is empty!

The booklet teaches what each symbol means to the Easter Story. There is also a page for Leading a Child to Christ. We have set a date for our Sunday School Program to have an Easter Egg hunt. And this will be an ideal way to incorporate the true meaning of the holiday, in an easy and fun way. This activity set is appropriate for ages 3 and up.


The next set we received is called He is Risen Egg/Puzzle Activity set. It includes

24-piece puzzle
16-page Bible story
12 plastic eggs
Each egg has 2 puzzle pieces, and once it’s found you put the puzzle together. I did think the pieces were small, so it may be more appropriate for 3 years and up to complete. The puzzle is a hide and seek image, and the story book asks questions for kids to find the hidden symbols within the puzzle. This is a great activity for a half hour or 45 minute Easter lesson. We already used this activity at our church, and the kids had a great time hunting for the eggs. Many children actually heard the Easter Story for the first time, so I think it was a great idea to present it this way.

Easter – He Is Risen – Egg/Puzzle Hunt Activity Set

DaySpring has several children’s bibles, and books related to Easter for children. They have more puzzles, stuffed animals, and jewelry specific to the holiday on the website.
If you are looking for verses to emphasize the importance of the Resurrection to your children, or Sunday School kids, Here is a free downloadable resource for you!
Let us remember the true significance of Easter. Hope you will check out my post: What is so significant of Easter Sunday?
Happy Easter!

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  • Sophie April 10, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    My four year old can tell the whole Easter story thanks to these eggs. Haha sometimes I really think it helps little ones to be able to use their hands!


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