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Dealing with Grief during the Holiday Season

The holidays are finally here, and most of us are surrounded by our closest friends and family. But not all of us are that lucky. This past week a woman from my town died suddenly while giving birth to her twins. I immediately thought about her husband, who in his joy, has to find time to grieve. Or vice versa.…

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Giving Thanks when you have Nothing to be Thankful for

One thanksgiving, as I was checking out a DVD at Blockbuster (yea that’s old school, I know) I asked the young girl at the counter, “you’re not doing anything today?” Her response caught me by surprise. “Nah, I’m working today, I have nothing to be thankful for anyway.” At first I thought she was crazy! Nothing to be thankful for… As…

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Praying Scriptures to ease Anxiety and Fear

I recently received a least expected call for a job interview. The call came in at 4pm, and they requested me to come in for an interview the next day at 11am. I was hesitant in saying yes, but I accepted and said “see you tomorrow.” From the moment I hung up the phone, my heart began to race. I…

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Prioritizing Your Marriage in the Midst of Motherhood

I am so thrilled to have Rebekah Hargraves, author of “Lies Moms Believe (and how the Gospel Refutes Them)” write a guest post for me today! We have so many similar view points, especially on this topic of Marriage and Motherhood, I knew she would be the best person to write about it for my audience.  We live in a day…

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How to Exemplify Goodness and Kindness in the Workplace

I had dreams of being a pharmacist since I was in the 5th grade. I always thought the pharmacist was the source of my cure, as I tagged along my dad to the pharmacy to get my antibiotics, (I seemed to always be sick when I was small). So, I strived and struggled through 6 years of pharmacy school and…

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Understanding who God is through a Personal Perspective

    My three boys are learning about the life of David and Saul in their Sunday School program. This past weekend as I was preparing the Sunday School lesson for our preschool class, I was reading through 2 Samuel chapter 22. This chapter is nearly identical to Psalm 18, written on the day the Lord had delivered David from…

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