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Practical Ways to Daily Abide in Christ

I am so happy to have Julie Loos from Unmasking the Mess write a guest post for me. She is a mama to 5 kids, and shares how to practically abide in Christ in the everyday. A red puddle was forming on the hallway oak flooring, a few splattering’s of red could be seen on the white wall. On the…

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Why is it Important to Give God the Glory?

I have no interest in football, but this past Super bowl caught my eye, and yes I’m going to write about it. As a mama of three boys, I know I have to start forcing myself to be more of a sports fanatic. But com’on, I live in New Jersey and we don’t even have a NFL or NBA team…

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8 Verses to Recharge your Faith

Im so grateful to have Starla from Starla write for me today. She shares with us about a typical Sunday morning which most moms can relate to. The 8 bible verses she reminds us of will renew and recharge your faith. Silencing my cell phone and tucking it away in my purse, I stood. The Praise and Worship team just…

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4 steps to help you clearly hear God’s Voice

I am so blessed to have Diana from Diana’s Diaries write for me this week. I have known her for over ten years, and she was so willing to help me start back up my blog for this new year! She is truly inspired from the Lord to write and has a message to share! Thanks Diana for joining me…

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Timeless Promises for the New Year

Have you ever been to Times Square on New Year’s Eve? Are you one of the one million people that stand before One Times Square bidding farewell to the past year? Have you braved the cold to see the balloons, confetti, and fireworks? I lived in NYC for most of my life, but I have yet to experience a “ball…

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