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Establishing a Christmas Family Tradition that Celebrates Christ

My Christmas memories do not include decorating Christmas trees, or putting up Christmas lights to adorn the outside porch. I did not believe in Santa Claus, his reindeer, or elves (although I did leave out some cookies and milk one year, just in case). Today, I reinforce to my kids that there is no Santa Claus, and for now we don’t…

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Celebrating my Blogaversary & Birthday

Click here to order If you are a newbie blogger or just thinking about starting a blog, or even a well seasoned blogger looking for some tips on Christian blogging, consider buying Carmen’s new Ebook (released January 2017) called By His Grace We Blog.   Carmen’s eBook will take you step by step in areas of blogging such as: Seeking…

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Review of NKJV: Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

I often watch Dr. David Jeremiah’s Sunday morning Turning Point broadcast when I am unable to attend my own church service. One Sunday, as the program ended they were advertising Dr. Jeremiah’s new Study Bible, and the Kids Study bible, Airship Genesis. My 5 year old screamed out saying, “that’s what I want for my birthday.” (He was turning 6…

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Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her

I will never forget my first bouquet of roses given to me on Valentine’s Day (and the box of Godiva chocolates that cost more than the flowers). My favorite gifts received though were ones with an inspirational message behind them. I still keep a teddy bear that has the verse “Love Bears all things” on its paw. Since Christmas was…

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