10 sincere prayers for becoming a better wife

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Sincere prayers for wives
As wives, we often pray hard and long for our husbands. Often we think the troubles in our marriage occur because our husbands did not meet our expectations, our children became a burden, and God forgot about us. Have you ever taken your time to pray for yourselves, and your role in your own marriage?
So I can say I’m not the perfect mother or wife. When I examine my own life I realize it’s not my children that need to be constantly prayed over, and it’s not my husband I need to pray for. I am the one standing in the need of prayer, I am the one that needs to be fixed. So I searched scripture and wrote out 10 prayers that I need to and must pray to become a better wife, or maybe even a better woman of God who is pursuing a closer relationship with God, and her husband. Please feel free to save this prayer card, print it, or pin it!
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23 Responses

  1. Sheeba Mathew

    The fact that this blog is in existence is because your parents have invested prayers tears and other sacrifices so that you would always know the Love of Christ prayer and immersing in the Word n being a source of encouragement to others.I hope this encourages you and that you keep at it as the scriptures say so,quoting Jeremiah 29:11 here.God Bless.

  2. Love this post! We totally have to look at ourselves and offer our lives to God to be changed by him instead of pointing the finger at the failure of others. Saved your prayers to pinterest! Thanks!

  3. This is good. I think we forget how important it is to spend time in prayer for our ourselves. Great list- pinning to Pinterest!

  4. Can you insert a print button to make it easier to print? I shared on facebook, but I had to cut and paste the card into a Word doc with decreased upper and lower margins to get it to work. Maybe I missed something?

    Anyway, I really liked this post and the prayer card. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Ruth, let me work on a better copy to print, and i’ll email it to you. Thank you for sharing on Facebook! Blessings to you!

      • Okay, all I did was right click, save image as, and then print. It comes out really nice, in the center of the page. You just have to cut it to make it a card.

  5. Ooooh. Number 3! Thank you James and thank you Sue. I need that one!

  6. Great post! I love these prayers and they will be helpful to me. Pinning this!


    • Thanks for pinning, and glad it is helpful. I just read through it today like 5 times, because I really needed it myself!

  7. When I am frustrated with my husband, I always find that praying for myself and my love for him helps to soften my heart. Thanks for sharing this wisdom on Grace and Truth.

    • Praying for ourselves in our own marriages really leads us to have peace. Thanks for stopping by today!

  8. Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do! Thanks so much, Sue, for the hope found here and for sharing it with us at #MomentsofHope! I can’t wait to share these!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • I am glad to have shared HOPE, inspired by the Lord in me. And thank you for pinning! I already saw it floating around on Pinterest!

  9. Love it. Absolutely doing this effective immediately

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  11. Wow! Love this! Totally going to include this in my daily morning prayer. Such perfect scriptures to pray. Totally sharing this! Amazing post! …p.s mama of one sweet little man 😉

    • Yay! I’m so glad you will be using these prayers. It really is helpful to have a prompt of what to pray, now just pray it wholeheartedly and see how the Lord works!

  12. Do you have one that is just for women not wives.

    • No not yet. I have been thinking of creating one! Maybe I really should!

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